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Book Love


Books... books.... adore.... books!

Kinfolk is more like a book than a beautiful..... Have you read it? Do you love it too?

Share your book-love with us today......



How Do You Measure A Day?



Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Moments so Dear
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Measure - Measure A Year?
In Daylights - In Sunsets
In Midnights - In Cups Of Coffee
In Inches - In Miles
In Laughter - In Strife

How About Love?

 from RENT (the musical)


I have always loved the intro to this song. I have been humming today as I tried to think of what I might do to measure my day today. It seems that today, the twelfth day, of the twelfth month of the year two thousand and twelve, we are being given many invitations and opportunities to mark the significance of this date in our own personal histories. People are documenting their days at 12.12.12. It's interesting because it is just one day...just one day that will never happen again. And so goes our lives right? A collection of days that will not ever happen again. I started thinking how I could mark the date for myself, what will place on the "date"?One friend has chosen to step into a lifelong commitment with her partner. It's thrilling for them to know that the significance of this day will be historical.

What about the rest of us? What about those of us that will not be touched in such a way that seems important? We will wake up, make tea, drink tea, brush our teeth, shower, put our hair in a braid, a little lip gloss, a cozy t-shirt, a warm sweater, some slacks and off we go... What could be our measure today, how can we create an opportunity to honor ourselves in a way today that is significant, not for any other reason but that TODAY is a date that will not be repeated. I have decided to check in with myself at twelve minutes past the hour, every hour. Yes, it's true, I've set my phone alarm to twelve minutes past the hour for every hour that I anticipate being awake. At that time I will stop, take a photo of myself and ask myself " in this moment, how do I feel, am I to being loving and kind to myself; do I feel anything in my body that feels tense or uncomfortable". I am going to attempt to measure my day in love. How loving can I be to me? This will be a good exercise for me to consider how much time I spend not in the flow of self-love. I will use this day to observe and learn and step into active choice of measuring my own story, my own way.

What about you? How will you measure your day today?

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Comfort and Joy

It's that time of year again. You know the one: holiday photo time.  One thing I've learned is that the more relaxed and comfortable I am during a shoot, the people I'm photographing will be the same way.  I give direction but I like to have fun, too and I tell them to do the same.  I use humor during my shoots, always.  If I can make them laugh, that's half the battle, and once that starts, everyone involved is having a good time, myself included.  I love it even more when it shows in my photos, like the one above.  

When the boys and their dad sat down for this photo, I snapped a few 'proper' photos and then told them to have fun and to do whatever they wanted.  Before the boys could do anything, dad reached around and covered their mouths, his expression -and theirs - priceless.  Nothing brings me more joy than knowing that they were comfortable enough to 'let go' and just have a good time.  What a gift, for  both myself and them.  

Today, share with us those photos that bring you joy.  And if you haven't already, please join our mailing list! 



for the love of processing


I love taking pictures….. and I love processing. In fact, I would say it's a LOVE-LOVE scenario. 

It's a process for me. I imagine a photo, set up the 'scene', click the pic….then off to my computer to finish the vision. I may do just a few tweaks, or I might take it even further….edit, effect, texture, and even type. This is my way of making art…without using my paints and brushes.

I dove into photography and photoshop at the same time. I took my first few photos, then moved immediately into photoshop. I wanted to apply textures to my images. In fact it was because of the textured images I was admiring online that I picked up my camera in the first place. It seems a little backwards when I think of it now. Eventually I began to learn the other pieces of photoshop and grew to love everything about processing.

A few years later, along came Lightroom! It's been life-changing... at least creatively speaking. I often wonder what I ever did without it. Thanks to Lightroom's catalog feature my images are now organized and easily accessible; something I thought may never happen. I can crop, edit and so much more; quickly and efficiently on several images at once. It's quick, painless and completely non-destructive. Lightroom also works beautifully with photoshop/elements. It really is an incredible program. 

Where do YOU fit in all of this? Lightroom, Photoshop, another editing program….or no thank you; editings not for me? Share with us today.

Today we are giving away a space in my new Lightroom class, Round Trip - from Lightroom to Photoshop and back again. The next session begins on January 15th. To enter, simply leave a comment under this post before Thursday at midnight EST for your chance to win a complimentary space in the Round Trip Class. Even better, double your chances by joining our mailing list. The winner will be announced on Friday. Good luck!


weekending by rakusribut

"After days of exposing the layers of life,

and nights spent searching for silent lights,

my weekends are an oasis of light, reflection and contemplation"

by rakusribut

rakusribut shoots images like these with her Olympus PEN P3 and can be found on her blogs (linked above) or on Flickr as rakusribut.

Share your favorite weekend shot with us!

Today's prompt: wood

Sunday's prompt: mug

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